10m sqft of commercial space developed across the UK

Over the last 45 years, Wykeland has established an enviable reputation as a leading property development company, owning a substantial commercial property portfolio and working in close partnership with public and private sectors and the wider community to deliver buildings that meet today’s expectations yet achieve tomorrow’s standards.



Wykeland has an impressive 45-year record in designing, developing and delivering over 10.5m sqft of commercial development in a variety of sectors and locations throughout England and Scotland.

The mainstay of the business has been the development of employment-use buildings both speculatively and as bespoke design and build projects.

Key tenants and clients include Heron Foods, Geest, Hygena, Kohler Mira, Vodafone, Yara, William Jackson Group, Baxters Soups and Ernst & Young.

Wykeland has also delivered over 2M sqft of retail and leisure development space including Kingston Retail Park in Hull, The Parishes in Scunthorpe and Clydebank Retail Park in Glasgow.

Current retail schemes include the 225,000 sqft Flemingate development in Beverley and a 50,000 sqft scheme in Grimsby.

Current Portfolio

Wykeland has retained many of the properties it has developed over the years, and these now form a portfolio of 2M sqft, leased to over 180 business tenants, ranging from small sole-traders to larger multi-nationals.

Wykeland’s property portfolio stretches from Grimsby to Glasgow, and is managed in-house. This allows the team to develop close working relationships with tenants ensuring they can give timely responses and solutions to any particular property need.

Wykeland takes enormous pride in the support it gives to the many tenants that have grown and expanded their businesses over many years, whilst remaining within the Wykeland portfolio.


Much of Wykeland’s success has been it’s ability to nurture and create successful partnerships, both with public and private sector development partners.

However, establishing good relationships with tenants has also been an important cornerstone of Wykeland’s success, as a more customer focused relationship is created rather than a traditional arm’s length landlord approach.

An innovative approach to development partnerships has ensured Wykeland has been involved with a wide range of high profile public and private sector entities, including Yorkshire Forward, Reckitt Benckiser, Hull City Council, Glasgow Development Agency, William Jackson Group and CIT.


Wykeland has an excellent track record in delivering all elements of a development from initial concept and design, through planning and procurement to construction and delivery.

With a loyal, long standing team, it is this internal expertise that enables Wykeland to oversee projects from conception to completion, whilst still drawing on a large network of experienced specialists who have worked with the business for many years.


Sustainability is at the heart of Wykeland’s culture. Whilst proud of it’s heritage, Wykeland is serious about the impact its developments could have on the social and physical environment in the future.

Wykeland strives to minimise the environmental effect its buildings will have by utilising modern environmental technologies as well as sympathetic design solutions.

Wykeland has also included free night air cooling and low energy combined heating/cooling ventilation systems, PIR and light sensitive lighting, rain water harvesting, biomass heating, natural ventilation and solar water heating into recent schemes. Over 1000 solar PV panels have been installed on recent Wykeland developments including a scheme as part of a refurbishment of Wykeland House.

As well as the building, Wykeland considers the workforce and in particular, systematically understands how people travel to and from their places of work.


Wykeland is a family owned Group that owns its property portfolio free of any lending, with strong cash reserves.

This formidable financial strength ensures tenants, partners and clients can be confident Wykeland will deliver its development commitments and is capable of a swift response to any development or investment decision.