A Home For Nature – Wild Art At Bridgehead

A Home For Nature – Wild Art At Bridgehead

Alongside the busy schedule to deliver buildings in the business park, another construction team have been busily beavering away at Bridgehead.

Throughout the winter months and into spring, children from nearby All Saints Juniors and pupils from Hessle High have been working with artist Liz Dorton in winter woodland workshops. They are making a series of wild and wonderfully artistic homes for nature.

Hessle High resistant materials pupils have designed and created colourful and quirky bird boxes with stairs, wings and steps! Art students at the school constructed an amazing insect hotel, to provide “luxury accommodation” for wildlife on site. They added decorative ceramics to give a pop of bright colour in amongst the natural materials for insects to live in.

A team of pupils from both schools has also been creating a giant dead hedge nest in the Bridgehead woods – an amazing hiding place for the woodland’s small animals. The exciting addition to this huge nest is three huge eggs! All Saints children decorated the eggs with colourful mosaics, to add sparkle and shimmer. Watch out for the wonderful artworks on the Bridgehead woodland trail…

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