A Home For Nature – Bridgehead’s Arts, Wildlife And Schools Project Takes Flight

A Home For Nature – Bridgehead’s Arts, Wildlife And Schools Project Takes Flight

Alongside new buildings growing out of the ground and new occupiers moving in – something else is happening at Bridgehead. Hull and East Yorkshire artist Liz Dorton has been appointed by Wykeland to work with local school children from nearby All Saints Primary School and Hessle High School, making extraordinary creations for the innovative Homes for Nature project.

Taking their cue from the green forest trails that encircle Bridgehead and ecological guidance from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Liz Dorton and the students are creating inventive and delightful homes for a range of wildlife including birds, insects and small animals.

These artistically designed homes for wildlife will be beautiful and inspiring artworks in their own right – colourful gems dotted along the Bridgehead woodland pathways. Watch out for unexpected bird boxes that cluster in flocks, boxes that sprout wings and feet, delicate insect hotels and sculptural dead hedges for small mammals.

Liz said “I love working with nature and animating objects that are usually static. The school workshops are very exciting, and the project is enthusing pupils of all ages – inspiring them to understand wildlife, foraging for natural objects, stretching their creativity and imagination, and introducing them to new skills.”

The starting point for the project is that nature inspires the artworks, and the artworks support nature. Elaine Burke, arts consultant appointed by Wykeland to lead the project, explained “This project is about harnessing the power of the arts and creativity to reach out and inspire communities. Wykeland’s vision for a unique partnership with both schools, Liz Dorton and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is having a powerful impact. Beautiful artworks are being created that will support wildlife on site. They will also inspire and bring joy to the people who work at Bridgehead, and local residents who will walk through its forest trails.”

Creating the artistic homes for nature will continue over the winter months, ready for installation at Bridgehead in springtime. Watch this space!

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