Partnership with YWT extended

Partnership with YWT extended

Wykeland and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust have extended their working partnership to improve the biodiversity and ecological value of Bridgehead Business Park. An Agreement was entered into in 2012 to develop Bridgehead Business Park for the benefit of both the local economy and environment. Utilising Sheffield-based ECUS Consultants’ Ecological Strategy, some 230 new trees, 4,200 native shrubs and over 14,000 native plants have already been planted.

YWT will now oversee further work to create an outstanding habitat for wildlife. 12 bat boxes have recently been installed together with a range of bird boxes, some of which are for specialist species such as owls and starlings. Plans are also being developed for a range of information boards to tell visitors about the history of the site, the improvement works and what wildlife species can be seen throughout the seasons.

YWT will also be hosting 6 community events through the year at Bridgehead to involve business park residents and the wider local community and support greater appreciation of this diverse habitat. It is hoped in time that this will encourage volunteering opportunities. Eagle-eyed visitors have already reported seeing roe deer, fox, woodpeckers and buzzards along with many of the more familiar bird species. The signs of spring are increasingly evident with bird song filling the woods and a carpet of bluebells soon to flower.

Terry Smithson, from Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, said “It’s a really great opportunity to get the wider community involved and that will be of great benefit to us. We’ve designed green space around the business park in order that it can be better for wildlife. It’s great!”

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