Trees aplenty

Trees aplenty

Wykeland grant contract for Structured Landscaping.

Wykeland’s vision to create one of the region’s most attractive and sustainable Business Park’s has taken a further step forward with the awarding of the structered landscaping contract to AM Robisnon Landscapes of Barton on Humber.

The structured landscaping around the arterial road has been designed by leading Building and Landscape Architects, Aedas, and will incorporate a number of features including:

  • 157 trees
  • 4987 Hedge plants
  • Landscaped Balancing Pond

In addition to the structured landscaping and as part of Wykeland’s design code each development will have approximately 20% of the site area landscaped, each based on the core plan but with scope for individual occupiers to have their own input on species. Gone are the days of commercial businesses having to locate in ‘concrete jungles’ which inevitably impacted on appearance of businesses as well as the moral of the workforce. Dominic Gibbons of Wykeland commented “A sustainable development is multi-faceted, building design being the most obvious but the environment a building is situated in is a significant part to a sustainable development, and not be a token gesture.”

With the forthcoming introduction of a Sustainable Travel Initiative another component will be added to our Sustainable Agenda for Meltonwest.

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